Words From the Founder


W hen Hands of Rescue for Disadvantaged Children was started, we had no idea it would reach these many people; donors/volunteers and children alike. We can tell you every way these children have it so bad, and how they did not get a fair chance, but it is up to you to comprehend the sheer hardship these children face every single day.

From the amount of sponsors, donations, and volunteers we have, we can tell that many of you have comprehended the difficult lives of these children. There are many programs and charities that you could give your time and money to, so why pick us?


Why choose Hands of Rescue for Disadvantaged Children?

The answer is so simple. These children, all of the children in the world, are our future. Whatever they become, whatever they do, it is our future. If they can’t make it to adulthood, how will they change our world? How will they be our future if they don’t have one? Many people want to blame these children’s families and parents for their hardships, but that isn’t fair.

These same things happened to their families and parents, and they need their children to help them like they helped their parents. They do whatever they possibly can for their children, but as we all know, sometimes situations in life don’t allow us to provide what we wish we could. Please, don’t blame. Only extend your heart to these children who need you so badly. You have surely waited for something in your life, maybe a promotion at work or letter confirming your position at a new career. You waited so long it hurt. These children wait for dinner every night until their small stomachs ache from emptiness.

The only difference is that it never comes for them. That is why we created this foundation, because we don’t want any child to wait for dinner that will never come, and we don’t want any child to lose their future before they can change ours.

We want you to be a part of this organization and make a true difference in the world!

Jean Auberdson Resignac