It is our hope that you will communicate with your child often. Send mail to the following address:
                                                167 E 124th Street Room 555
                                                N ew York, NY 10035
Once your letter is received it will be sent to HARDICH in Haiti. As soon as they receive the letter, they will translate it and deliver
it to your child.

You are really not required to write to your child, but whenever your sponsored child gets a letter from you, it is very meaningful. It is important to build a relationship with your sponsored child by learning about their family, community, customs, daily routines, etc…. Over time this relationship will not only change the life of your child, but yours as well.

• When you are writing letters to your child, please keep in mind the cultural and economic situation that your sponsored child is living in. In other words, please be sensitive to their situation. You will find a “Format for Letters.” You can make copies of this page or go to the website to print out more pages
• Remember on each letter you send to please include:
• Sponsored child’s number --------------
• Child’s name -------------

• Describe your family (e.g., where they live, what they look like, their interests, type of work they do, pets, etc… .)
• Tell them the important events such as: weddings, graduation, trips, new jobs, holiday etc … .)
• Mark your calendar and send a card to celebrate a holiday, festival, or the birthday of your sponsored child.
• Share your dreams and daily activities of your life.
• Write about where you live, what it looks like, describe your friends, community.
• Talk about an important life lesson you learned, something you learned in school, or something you are leaning now.
• Share your favorite Bible stories and verses.
• Remind your child that you pray for him or her regularly.
• Mention a specific item your child has mentioned in his or her letters
• Explain how your family includes your sponsored child in daily life
(e.g.… praying for him or her displaying his or her photo in your home.)
• Express what a privilege it is to be your child’s sponsor.
• Affirm that God loves him or her and has a great plan for his or her life.
• Encourage your child to write back and or draw picture for you.
• Please avoid sending pictures that show your possessions or sending your physical address or mail address.  Please do not give child false expectations about visiting you.
• When you send a letter to your child you may include items that are flat and fit in an envelope that is “8X11”.
• Unfortunately, we cannot send packages; however, when we have team traveling to Haiti we will notify you in case you would like to send large gifts.
•  Some suggested items that you can send to your sponsored child with your letters include: pictures of you and family, sports cards, greeting cards, drawings, coloring book pages, bookmarks, stickers, stamps. 

Child’s name--------------------------------------- Child’s number ------------------------- Page----------of ------------
Your letter -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Translated letter.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

For more information please call us at 347.777.8224 or email us at info@hardich.org
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