As a Sponsor: You have the unique opportunity to build a relationship that is life giving. The children love their sponsor and are excited every time they get a letter or a photo. They also look forward to writing back and sending updates on school and friends, knowing that their sponsor is eager to hear from him or her.

You are the only person sponsoring your child and your funds will go directly to the child you sponsor. HARDICH is committed to spending your donation money on the children in ways that the best suit their needs. The cost will include food, clothing, shoes, school supplies (such as pens, bags, school and tutorial class fees, exercise books, and books) shelter, healthcare (medical examination, treatment and medicine) and indirect administrative costs.

Children are selected as a sponsored child based on the following criteria:
• Children from the most destitute families (e.g., families that cannot send their children to school)
• Children below the age of 10 with exceptional cases up to 14 years old.

For more information please call us at (978)429.6452 or email us at info@hardich.org
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