About Us

Mr. Resignac, the CEO & founder of HARDICH, realized that the ills of the children of the streets in Haiti are the same in the Dominican Republic. Many of these children are vulnerable and are at risk of joining gangs, selling or taking drugs to quench the pain of hunger and despair or surrendering to prostitution.  If they are given no help and hope, they are likely to succumb to these vices.

In an attempt to help those children, Mr. Resignac has created the organization Hands of Rescue for Disadvantaged Children to offer the children another choice in life and truly give them hope and an opportunity to become valuable members of society.

Hands of Rescue for Disadvantaged Children,Inc (HARDICH) is a non-profit organization originally established in Haiti. In the past we have been involved in providing services to Haitian families living in Batey in the Dominican Republic.

Two years ago, because of the earthquake in Haiti, many Haitians had to relocate to New York and other states. As a result, the organization Hands of Rescue for Disadvantaged Children (HARDICH) opened an office in New York originally to help Haitian families establish themselves in New York.

For more information please call us at (978) 429.6452 or email us at info@hardich.org
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